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Farm Equipment

Buying a new tractor and not sure where to start?


Use Tractors 101(PDF) to find information about different tractor types and tips on buying or renting tractors

Disinfecting Farm Equipment

Curious about the best ways to disinfect farm equipment to prevent the spread of pathogens, pests, and weed seeds? The table in Disinfecting Tools, equipment, pots, flats, and benches (PDF) details the best methods for sanitizing farm equipment depending on your target pests. 

Disinfecting farm equipmnt
Ever had an outbreak of Bacterial Canker, Speck, or Spot on your farm? Bacterial pathogens can be devastating and sanitation is one of the best management practices to prevent their spread. Read Disinfecting Tomato Stakes (PDF) for instructions on how to disinfect tomato stakes to prevent the spread of bacterial pathogens. 
Disinfecting Tomato Stakes


Direct Seeding
Direct Seeding: Choosing the right tool for you