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Farmers’ Market

Certified Producer’s Certificate

This is required by the state if you plan to sell at Farmers Markets. You get this from the Ag Commissioner's office of the county that you are operating in, not where you are selling.


Produce Scale Certification

If you are using a scale to make sales at a direct-to-consumer sales point, then you need to show that it’s calibrated properly and have it certified at the county Weights and Measures office (department within Ag Commissioner’s Office)


Farm Stand

Field retail stands are restricted to selling whole produce and shell eggs grown by the producer on or near the site, exempt from standard wholesale size and pack requirements. These traditional field stands are exempt from California Health and Safety Code, as long as they adhere to the previous set of rules.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

You must register your farm with the California Department of Food and Ag (CDFA) each year. CA CSA Law – AB 224 (2013) Requires single-farm or multi-farm CSAs to be farm-based and for all farms involved to register with CDFA each year; CDFA set fee at $75 a year, each farm pays once a year.  By registering, Environmental Health considers the CSA to be an “approved source” of food; federal law requires all food in commerce to be from an approved source. Everything in the CSA box must be from California farms.  


Box must have name and address of CSA on it and maintained in a manner that “prevents contamination of produce.” Traceability records required: consumers must be informed where everything is from either in print or electronically, and the CSA must retain these records.  Shell eggs and processed foods that are included must follow laws on labeling.  If a multi-farm CSA, the operator must have a produce handling license from CDFA, and if handling eggs from other farms, an egg handler license.


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