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Cover Crops

What cover crops are commonly planted on California farms?
Cover Crop Chart- Common Cover Crops for California (PDF) - Provides cultivation considerations and information about advantages and disadvantages of various cover crops commonly used on California farms.
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What are best practices for using cover crops in organic cropping systems?
Cover Crops in Organic Systems (PDF) - Document from Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (WSARE) detailing best practices for using cover crops in organic cropping systems.
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How much nitrogen can cover crops contribute to my soil?
Estimating plant-available nitrogen release from cover crops (PDF) - Explains the importance of plant available nitrogen (PAN) and details methods for estimating the amount of PAN provided by a cover crop in a given area. 
Winter cover crop seeing rate and variety effects during 8 yrs of organic vegetables III-Cover crop residue quality and nitrogen mineralization (PDF) - Study looking at the differences in soil carbon and nitrogen due to different cover crops and cover crop seeding rates.
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What cover crops are suitable to plant if I'm managing for verticilium wilt?

Selecting Legume Cover Crops When Managing Verticillum Wilt (PDF) - Results of a study looking at which types of leguminous (nitrogen-providing) cover crops are best to plant when your field is infected with the fungus that causes verticillium wilt, a common disease in strawberry production.