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Fresh Market Tomatoes

General Tomato Production:
Fresh market tomato production in CA (PDF) - Document from UCANR detailing tomato production areas and seasons, varieties, production methods, cultivation techniques, pest managemetn strategies, harvest and postharvest handling, and marketing. 
Tomato Varieties (PDF) - Document with images of and information about popular tomato varieties. 

N dynamics in organic tomatoes_pamphlet (PDF) - Shows results from a two year field and lab study whose goal was to quantify the patterns of nitrogen availability from organic amendments and nitrogen uptake for organically managed Brandywine tomatoes. 


Physiological disorders in Tomato Fruit Development (PDF) - Describes nutrient, irrigation, genetic, and environment related tomato plant disorders. 

Grafted Tomatoes:
Grafting Experience With Open-Field Production of Heirloom Tomatoes (PDF)- Presentation about producing heirloom tomatoes using grafted varieties.
Grafted Tomatoes
Grafting Heirloom Tomatoes (PDF)- Presentation by Frank Louws about the use of grafted plants in heirloom tomato production
Heirloom Grafting
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Video-Grafted Tomatoes

 (Video)- Recording of Frank Louws' presentation about the use of grafted plants in heirloom tomato production
Tomato Nutrient Management:
Tomato nutrient management - Document listing the quantities and forms that tomatoes require of various nutrients. 
Principles of Nutrient Management in Organic Fresh Market Tomatoes (PDF)- Presentation by Daniel Geisseler
Tomato Nutrient Mmt
Tomato Pests, Diseases, Weeds, and Control Methods:
Emergence and integrated management of thrips-transmitted TSWV in California Crops (PDF) - A presentation describing the common tomato disease tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV), its transmission via the insect thrips, and thrips management strategies. 
Thrips and TSWV
Effects of environment on the uptake and distribution of calcium in tomato and on the incidence of blossom end rot (PDF) - An article detailing some causes of the common tomato disease blossom end rot (BER) including the link between soil salinity and BER. 
Understanding Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes and Peppers (PDF)- Presentation by Elizabeth Mitcham about the causes and prevention of blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers
Why calcium deficiency is not the cause of blossom-end rot in tomato and pepper fruit-a reappraisal (PDF) - Article discussing the interaction between plant phytohormones and BER. 
Blossom end rot of tomato-a calcium or a stress related disorder  (PDF) - An article discussing the link between tomato plant stress and BER. 
Blossom End Rot_Tomato
Management of Tomato diseases caused by Fusarium oxysporum (PDF) - An article explaining the causal agents of the common tomato fungal disease fusarium wilt and presenting management strategies for the disease. 
Fusarium-wilt experience-varietal differences and observations  (PDF) - UCANR extensionist Gene Miyao's presentation about the resistance to fusarium wilt expressed by various tomato varieties. 
Fusarium Wilt of Tomato (PDF)- Presentation by Tom Gordon about Fusarium wilt and Fusarium wilt management
Fusarium Wilt
Verticillium Wilt Disease Management in Organic Production  (PDF)- Presentation by Margaret Lloyd about Verticillium wilt and Verticillium wilt management  
Vert Wilt
Tomato Integrated Pest Management (PDF) - An in-depth explanation of tomato pests, pathogens, nematodes, and weeds as well as recommendations for management. 
Russet and Spider Mites on Tomatoes (PDF)- Presentation by Frank Zalom about mites and mite management


Nitrogen Dynamics in Tomatoes
Nitrogen Dynamics in Organic, Heirloom Tomatoes: How much nitrogen do pole-grown fresh market tomatoes need? When in the season do they need it? How much of the nitrogen becomes plant available, and when?