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Sacramento Strawberry Stand map

Strawberry Plant Nutrition:
Strawberry nutrition (PDF) - UC Extensionist Mark Bolda's presentation on strawberry plant nutrient make up, fertility needs, nutrient assimilation, and potential nutrient-related issues. 
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Pests, Diseases, Weeds, and Control Methods:
Pest Discussion-Spider Mites (PDF) - Characterizes the common strawberry insect pest spider mites and describes challenges in and strategies for their management. 
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Neoseiulus fallacis-dispersal and biological control of tetranyalus urticae following minimal inoculations in strawberry field (PDF) - Article describing Neoseiulus fallacis (predatory mites) as a biological control method for spider mites on strawberry plants.
Spider Mite Predator (PDF) - Factsheet explaining how methods for using Neoseiulus fallacis as a biological control method for spider mites on strawberry plants.
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Verticillium Wilt of Strawberries (PDF) - Contains images and information to assist in  identification, prevention and treatment of verticillium wilt in strawberries.
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Pudricion carbonesa en la fresa (Spanish) (PDF) - Contiene imagenes y información para ayudar in la identificación, prevención, y manejo de pudrición carbonesa en la fresa. 
Charcoal Rot of Strawberry (PDF) - Contains images and information to assist in the identification, prevention, and treatment of charcoal rot of strawberries. 
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Recent Developments on Strawberry Plant Collapse Problems in California caused by fusarium and macrophomina (PDF) - Article discussing the history, detection, and treatment of strawberry fungal pathogens Fusarium and Macrophomina.
Status of Macrophomina phaseolina on strawberry in California and preliminary characterization of the pathogen (PDF) - Article providing insights on the susceptibility of strawberry plants to fungal pathogen Macrophomina
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Strawberry Integrated Pest Management (Website Page) - Resource from UCANR providing strategies for year-round integrated pest management in strawberries. 
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