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Raspberry Production in the Sacramento Valley (PDF)- Presentation about best practices for raspberry production in the Sacramento Valley
Raspberry California
Commercial Red Raspberry Production (PDF) - An in-depth document from the Pacific Northwest Extension System detailing raspberry cultivar selection, establishment, maintenance, nutrient management, pest management, organic production methods, and harvest and postharvest considerations. 
Growing Caneberries in the Sacramento Region (PDF) - A publication from UCANR that covers caneberry (raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, currant, gooseberry, etc) production specifically in the Sacramento region. 
Raspberry Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest (PDF)- Highlights commonly grown raspberry cultivars in the Pacific Northwest and discusses production and marketing considerations for each cultivar. 
Sample costs to produce raspberries (PDF) - Document discussing the economics of raspberry production in California. 
Caneberries nutrient management guide (PDF)- Provides details about how to determine the nutrient needs of raspberries on your farm as well as options for organic and synthetic fertilizer inputs. 
Caneberry Irrigation guide (PDF)- Covers information about raspberry irrigation requirements and provides a tool to schedule irrigation on your farm.