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Organic Vegetable Production Meeting

2017 Organic Big
At the Organic Vegetable Production Meeting, topics covered included Understanding and Managing Blossom End Rot in Tomato and Peppers, Soil Biology and Nutrient Cycling on Yolo County Organic Farms, Microbial Diversity, Farm Planning for Conservation BioControl, and Improving Legumes for Agriculture. See the following presentations to learn more about these topics.
All Microbes, All the Time (PDF)- Presentation by Jonathan Eison about the significance of microbes in agricultural production
2016-The Year of the Pulse (PDF)- Presentation about legumes and their role in on-farm nitrogen fixation
Year of the Pulse
Getting the Good Bugs-Farming for Conservation Biocontrol (PDF)- Presentation by Jessa Kay Cruz covering common beneficial insects in the Sacramento Valley and how to attract them to and keep them on your farm
Soil Biology and Nutrient Cycling on Yolo County Organic Farms (PDF)- Presentation by Louise Jackson about soil biology and nutrient cycling as well as the role of mycorrhizal fungi and microbial biomass in nutrient cycling
Nutrient Cycling
Understanding Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes and Peppers (PDF)- Presentation by Elizabeth Mitcham about the causes and prevention of blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers