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Organic Pest Management Meeting

Organic Pest Management Big
At the Organic Pest Management for Vegetable Crops workshop we covered topics like Developing a management plan for burrowing rodents
in organic production, Living with soilborne pathogens, Managing insect pests in vegetable systems (aphids, thrips,
seedcorn maggot, caterpillars), Cucumber beetle biology and management in organic systems, Grafting for heirloom tomato production, and Stink bugs: challenging pests in organic systems. See the following presentations to learn more about these topics.
Grafting Experience With Open-Field Production of Heirloom Tomatoes (PDF)- Presentation by Margaret Lloyd about producing heirloom tomatoes using grafted varieties.
Grafted Tomatoes
Developing a Management Plan for Burrowing Rodents in Organic Production (PDF)- Presentation by Roger Baldwin
Living with Soilborne Pathogens (PDF)- Presentation by Tom Gordon
Soilborne pathogens
Managing Insect Pests in Organic Vegetable Crop Production (PDF)- Presentation by Rachael Long
Cucumber Beetle Biology and Management in Organic Systems (PDF)- Presentation by Amber Vinchesi
Cucumber beetle
Stink Bugs-Challenging Pests in Organic Systems (PDF)- Presentation by Ian Grettenberger
Stink Bugs