Summer Crops Are Booming and So Is Their Nitrogen Demand

Jun 24, 2020

Nitrogen is one of the essential macronutrients required for a healthy, productive crop. With summer in full swing, the nitrogen demand for many crops is high.  Use these graphs to understand the timing of nitrogen demand in the crops you are growing. Soil tests and tissue tests are great ways to know the current nitrogen status of your soil or crop to determine whether you have sufficient nitrogen to meet the demand. Click to learn more about soil and tissue sampling.

Visit Dr. Daniel Geisselers Lab and CDFA Fertilizer Research and Education Program for more information. 

Here's a GENERAL N UPTAKE CURVE FOR ANNUALS . Click here for more information.

Crop N Uptake general


N Uptake Curve for MELONSClick here for more information.

Melon curve

N Uptake Curve for Fresh Market Tomatoes. Click here for more information

Fresh market tomato N curve

N Uptake Curve for PLUMS AND PRUNES. Click here for more information

Prune curve

N Uptake Curve for STRAWBERRIES. Click here for more information

Strawberry curve

N Uptake Curve for PEACHES AND NECTARINES. Click here for more information

Peach curve

By Margaret Gullette Lloyd
Author - Small Farms Advisor