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Small and Organic Farm Advisor


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Resources

(PDF) - Presentation of findings of a research study looking at what demographics commonly subscribes to CSAs and why as well as what demographs tends to maintain their CSA membership and why.

(PDF) - Presentation of the findings of a research study looking at common characteristics of farms and farmers that participate in CSAs as well as the structure of those CSAs.

(PDF) - A short summary of information about CSA farms and CSA structures in California.

Direct Marketing Resources

(PDF) - Discusses the benefits of direct sourcing models including communication, interdependence, marketing advantages, transparency, value alignment, and simple economics. 

(PDF) - Highlights common requirements that specialty food manufacturers look for including quality, food safety, a reliable supply, price, local or regional sourcing, and a story. 

(PDF) - Provides insights and recommendations on how farmers and buyers can connect and maintain a positive working relationship.

(PDF)- Discusses food safety standards as well as other certification standards. 

(PDF)- Covers the benefits of vertical integration of agribusiness and provides recommended steps to incorporate value addition of products into a agribusiness model. 

Expanding Opportunities for Small-Scale Farms in the Specialty Food Market (Webinar)- Information about opportunities for small-scale farmers to be involved in the specialty food industry. 

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